SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Poolside System Review: 2022

The best way to enjoy the pool party is by playing basketball by the poolside. There are many good basketball hoops for poolside tournaments, which you’ll play with your friends and family members.

The SKLZ makes some pretty amazing gear for the basketball players and other athletes, which helps them to play and practice their game.

The SKLZ Pro Mini Poolside hoop system is the best for playing basketball with your friends at doing pool parties. The SKLZ Pro Mini hoop system is best for having fun when you are going to arrange a pool party with your friends or for family gatherings.

In this post, we are going to review the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoops Poolside System for all of you interested folks. Also, please check this list of the best Mini Basketball hoops for playing basketball anywhere you want.

Features of the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Poolside System

The SKLZ Pro Mini is equipped with many useful features, that all of the users will find helpful while using this system. Here is the list of all of the features of this Poolside hoop.

  • The SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop is equipped with the standard rim, that is made up of the solid stainless steel and has the diameter of 14.5 inches. The Rim of this Mini Basketball Hoop is kinda strong to bear the weight of the average adult.
  • The backboard of this Mini Poolside basketball hoop is made up of the shatterproof Polycarbonate plastic. The Polycarbonate is shatterproof, so you kids are safe even if the backboard is damaged.
  • The entire system is made of the high-grade Stainless Steel. The Stainless Steel gives it the additional strength needed for the rough and tough game alongside the pool.
  • The SKLZ Pro Mini Poolside Basketball Hoop system comes in three different parts, which you can connect easily to start playing.
  • The SKLZ is providing the 7-inch basketball with this system for free of cost, which will let you play the poolside basketball game with your kids, friends and other family members.

Parts Review

It is essential to know about all of the parts of the Poolside basketball hoops before buying it. Having the proper knowledge about the components before buying any poolside basketball hoop system.

  1. he Backboard of this system is very good and made up of the polycarbonate plastic. This is the same thing which is used in the car glass. The polycarbonate plastic provides the strength, security and also the durability to your SKLZ basketball hoop for poolside games.
  2. Any Poolside Basketball hoop system is useless without the Middle pole. The SKLZ Pro Mini poolside system comes with the three poles. You can remove the middle pole from the three available poles to adjust the height. This is the pretty good option of playing alongside the pool or in the gardens.
  3. The classic Rim of the SKLZ Pro Poolside Hoop System is highly durable, thanks to the High-grade Stainless steel. The High-grade steel provides the durability and strength. Also, the Rim is painted with the high-grade paint, keeping it safe from rusting.

Final Words

So, this is our SKLZ Pro Mini Poolside basketball hoop system review. We’ve tried to cover all of the features and specifications of this system. The shipping weight of this Poolside basketball hoop system is 34.8 pounds, and it can be currently shipped only in the United States of America.

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